Typography Year 1

This project was divided into few different parts. First of all we had to find a shape to work with, then we had to transform that shape into a font. After creating the font w had to find a designer which works with similar typography and write a 1750 word essay as well as making it look like a magazine page. The last part was to include a short mini challenge we received from our lecturer Simon Bell. 

This is the artwork i got my inspiration for my font. It is a person in the theme of shattered glass.

This is my final font. It is made of tiny bits of shattered glass which create the letters.

This is the mini challenge we received. We had 10 specific words which had to each be on a separate line inside that specific box. Each word had to be a part of a sentence which made sense and linked back to 10 different lectures we had been given by Simon Bell. 

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