Coventry Refugee Migrant Centre

This was a project I worked on for Coventry Refugee Migrant Centre, in a group of 4 we divided the work between us and I had the pleasure of working on a campaign for Refugee Week. I had to create a poster which can be easily edited for different events. As well as a website which I used XD to create a prototype I also created a balloon design and some wristbands.

Easily editable poster for Refugee Week, this is an example for one of the dates involved. You can change the background colour, the date, the event name and the logo which is inserted at the bottom. 

Wristband design which advertises the whole celebration rather than an event but can be easily edited. 

This is the balloon design i created using the logo, dates and the freedom trail of the bird. The design works for any colour of balloons too.

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